Hardcups and recycle tokens at SWF

11 August 2019

Hardcups at SWF 2019


With your help, we can keep the festival site free from waste! A lot of what we do to produce SWF in the most sustainable way, might not be visible for our visitors. One the last couple of years we’ve introduced a smart power plan and separating our waste.


And then there are things you can see as a visitor. We’re introducing our cashless payment system this year for example so we don’t have to use tons of plastic tokens. Instead, you can pay directly at the bar with PIN, credit- or debitcard. We also have a zero waste foodcourt with a central collection point for all disposables and food scraps.


One of the most visible things is the use of hardcups. We’ve been working with hardcups for a couple of years to reduce our plastic waste and making sure we leave the festival site as clean as possible. This year we’re adding the recycle token to the system to stimulate our visitors to hand in their hardcup.


How does it work?


You pay a one off fee of €1 for your first cup / bottle


When you’ve finished your drink, hand in your empty cup or bottle and pay only for your drink. Don’t want a new drink? Exchange your cup for a recycle token.*


Leaving the festival? Make sure to hand in your last cup for a recycle token. On the back of the token there’s a unique code which you can fill out on our website afterwards. With this code you’re in the running for some great prizes like SWF 2020 tickets, SWF merchandise or ADE tickets.



*Please note that hardcups/ bottles can’t be exchanged for money.





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