elrow x STRAF_WERK Klokgebouw

December 6th, Klokgebouw Eindhoven


elrow x STRAF_WERK is sold out. Be aware for scammers. We advice you to only buy tickets through Ticketswap.

Elrow x STRAF_WERK takes place on the 6th of December from 22:00 – 07:00.

Address: Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven

For the events of STRAF_WERK, you have to be 18 years old or older. Bring a valid passport or ID otherwi,se access to the event will be denied. A copy of one of these documents is not seen as valid. A drivers license from another country is not seen as a valid ID in The Netherlands.

elrow x STRAF_WERK is sold out. Be aware for scammers and only buy tickets through Ticketswap.

Please don’t buy your tickets through any unofficial channels. Your tickets could be invalid and access will be denied at the entrance.

You don’t have to bring a printed copy of your ticket. We have scanners that can scan your ticket form your phone.

YOU DIDN’T RECEIVE YOUR TICKET                                             

Always start with looking in your spam folder in your email. Sometimes our emails end up in there.

If you used your Facebook account to log in to buy your tickets, it’s possible that this is a different email address. If you use a different email for your Facebook, please check this email too.

Did you check the above and you still don’t have your tickets? Please click here to resend your tickets.



Klokgebouw is close to Eindhoven Strijp-S which is easy to reach by bus or train.

Strijp-S is easily accessible by luminated bikepaths. There are plenty of spots near Ketelhuisplein where you can park your bike.

We strongly advise travelling by public transportation or bicycle. If you do travel by car, there are several parking facilities nearby.

Parking fee

Per hour: €1,80
Dayticket: €7,-



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Don’t feel well during the event? Please walk by our First Aid post. You can find them at the ”EHBO” signs. These people are here to help you, so please be kind and honest with them.

There are plenty of lockers at the site. Please buy them in advance in our ticket shop to prevent waiting time during the event.

The Kromhouthal is accessible for wheelchairs.

Only bring your medications if it’s highly necessary. You can only take your medications to the festival site if you have your doctors prescription with you and in the original packaging.

• Digital compact camera’s, GoPro’s, Polaroid camera’s

NOT ALLOWED                              • Fireworks, guns or other sharp objects
• Professional photo and video equipment
• Flammables like deodorant or sunscreen in spray form
• Liquids like foundation and perfume
• Your own food. If you have an allergy please let us know via info@strafwerk.com under the subject ”Food allergy”.

•You are not allowed to bring your laptop or tablet device to the festival, not even if you store it in your locker.


STRAF_WERK has a zero drug tolerance policy.

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